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Welcome to the only place in the cosmos where you can watch Follow the Random.

When we began this journey, we set out to create the greatest underground film experience possible. We wanted to make the film that nobody has heard of, but everybody has seen. That is why this film doesn’t exist on any other platforms, or in any other medium, and yet, anyone in the world with the URL, has instant access to it.

This film has found you in one of three ways:

Either someone familiar has referred the film to you personally; or you’ve seen the URL around the place and curiosity finally got the better of you; but chances are, the reason you’re here, is because, without thinking of the real-life ramifications, you innocently used the most common online phrase, “Please Follow Me”. Then you received a message or a comment, linking you directly with this film.

By using these ‘Decentralised Marketing’ methods, we’ve been able to maintain Follow the Random’s anonymity, despite reaching thousands of audience members all over the world.

And so, if you feel to share this film with others, we ask simply that you honour its underground status. Please do not share or post about it publicly. Instead, share it directly with those you know who would enjoy it.

Or maybe, the next time someone asks you to “Please Follow” them online, you can link that person to the film that is literally all about them.

Yours truly,

The Butters Brothers

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